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Mille Lacs Opening Weekend !

Opening weekend finally arrived ! Weather was fantastic in the 70s, water temps mid 50s and smallmouth cooperated. Tubes were the staple presentation with fish in 4 to 7 feet of water. A few pics of the weekend to follow.

Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Report

Water temps main lake now about 50 degrees ! Saw tons of smallmouth today ! Only one week till opener !

Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Report

Only 2 weeks till the bass opener ! Getting ready to deal with a cold snap and a little snow, and the cold weather may be a blessing ! Nice weather is forecasted for the week leading up to opener and should put the fish on cue ! Time being spent working on tackle, boat readiness, way pointing and the like.
Last nite had a great evening at the Mille Lacs Lake Smallmouth Alliance banquet ! A great nite for a great cause, the preservation of the smallmouth resource here at Mille Lacs.

Mille Lacs Lake fishing Report

Settled in here at Mille Lacs. My coffee drinking view is of the big lake, so lucky and blessed. Spent the better part of the day Saturday on Mille Lacs. The water temps running about 50 and even warmer in the shallows. Got some way pointing done and some general observation. Crappie are available in the canals and biting minnows in just a couple feet of water. Not getting dark up here till almost 9 pm. Season starts May 13 the absolutely can’t wait !

Lake of Egypt fishing Report

Fished the Lake of Egypt Good Friday tourney and had a pretty good day. We caught a limit(four over 16 inches) and culled a couple times and ended up with about 11 pounds . Could not find a bigger fish to put us over the hump. Took 15 pounds to win. We caught most of our fish in very shallow water in the backs or sides of coves on inside weed edges. The swim bait proved to be our best bait as wind was not a factor. Sinkos/yumdingers could also get a bite. The fish we caught looked spawned out as did many of the fish at the weigh in. Water temps are basically around 70.
On a side note the nite fishing is really getting good. Black spinnerbaits in and around spawning areas are really producing fish. A four hour trip is averaging 20 fish with many decent size. Good luck and tight lines !

Minnesota and Southern Illinois Fishing Report

Ice is out on Mille Lacs according to friend Wayne Jacobson ! Will be there in a matter of days. Smallmouth bass season starts May 13 th. With this years warm start fishing should be fantastic !
Southern Illinois finds the fish shallow and spawning. Watched several fish here on Lake of Egypt on beds, didn’t bother them just like observing at this point. Still plenty of pre spawn fish to target. Starting to see the bluegill up shallow also. Water temps have been well into the 60s for some time now. Crappie of course are shallow and slip bobbers with minnows or jigs work as well as casting small spinners and the like. Moral of the story is the time is now ! Had a guide trip cancel due to wind, next time my friend 🙂 Tight lines. RD

Minnesota and Southern Illinois Fishing Report

Have had a great week of fishing. Fished the Little Egypt Open and caught limits both days. Tournament was on Devils Kitchen and most found the fish to run small. We had about 15 pounds and it took 20 to cut a check. Water temps in low 60s in all area lakes as I type this. Have seen several spawners last couple trips here at lake of Egypt. Smallie beavers, spinnerbaits, frogs or your choice of plastics or jigs all working. Keys for me is finding shallow fish you can sneak up on.
Heading to Minnesota next week, word is ice starting to go out at Mille Lacs. Coves have open water….won’t be long !
Tight Lines. RD

Mille Lacs Smallmouth Season

May 13th marks the beginning of smallmouth season on Mille Lacs. Rdoutdoors will be heading north mid April through October. Join me for a chance at a smallmouth of a lifetime !

Lake of Egypt and Little Grassy Fishing Report

Fishing at full tilt here in southern Illinois. Fished a derby on Little Grassy and did fairly well. Bass are moving into shallow areas with the warming water. We caught our fish on black and blue jigs and spinnerbaits in wind swept areas in south facing coves. Fish held on wood in 2 to 3 feet of water.

At Egypt it is much the same, water in both lakes is pretty clear so he challenge is finding shallow water where the fish feel comfortable eating a bait. Still catching a few fish staged on secondary points also.

Water temps at Grassy solidly in mid 50s and Egypt 60 degree water can be found. I fully assume a few fish close to spawn at Egypt. Moral of the story…Go Fishing !image